King & Queen East Malling

A Brief History


Built in 1537, then as a dwelling place connected to the ancient monastery of West Malling, the King and Queen as it is now known was given up to the crown in 1539 with the final dissolution of the monasteries under the tyranny of Henry VIII. The ownership of the building changed several times between Kings and Queens, back to the church on occasion, various Lords and Ladies, and tenant farmers. 1672 was the first time this ‘house’, then known as the “Three Cups”, became licensed, and it was decreed by justices sitting in sessions at the Swan Inn West Malling, that the then owner Jon Wagon may keep and issue ale. It passed through various family members and in 1704 was re-named the “King and Queen’s Head”, possibly in honour of William III and Mary II who ruled together from 1668 until her death in 1694. It was handed to another family in 1802 and shortly after sold as the “King and Queen” to the ‘Brenchley, Stacey and Wise’ Brewing Company of Maidstone. There were twelve different Landlords/ladies from this time until 1929 when the current brewery sold out to the Fremlin Brothers brewery at Earl Street Maidstone. Nine different Landlords/ladies have kept the pub since then.


The current Landlords, Kim & Steve Catchpole, have been at the King and Queen since November 2018. Over this period, they’ve totally restructured the team, developed new and more modern menu’s, re-built local community associations and re-established the pub as a place where locals can feel welcome, whether they’re popping in for a quick pint, a leisurely lunch, having a meal with friends and family or having a post dog walk pint (furry friends are now welcome in the K&Q). Best of all there’s no pressure to do any of the above, but if you do you’ll be greeted with a smile whatever you come for.


The mantra at the K&Q is “Guest is King (or Queen)”, so rest assured that if you come and see us, you’ll get an unpretentious welcome and top notch service in a relaxed atmosphere. We look forward to serving you soon.